By changing thinking to change behavior and desired outcomes.

Achieve the desired change with the help of an internationally certified coach.

Effective, lasting, human. 

First coaching session for free

Solutions for your professional life through

Brain-Based Coaching

A method based on knowledge about how the brain works helps to find answers
and will lead to the desired goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thanks to good thinking, you can contribute to your own self-development as well as to development
people in your teams.

Individual clients

Find the most ideal version of yourself and become the creators of your lives.



Solve challenges efficiently and quickly. Develop the potential of your employees and make managers leaders.


Take advantage of the coaching approach in your interviews and make it easier to agree
with others.


Neuroscience is the key to understanding our thinking and actions.

In the video, you will learn what neuroplasticity is and how it works, thanks to which we (our brain) are able to learn new things and develop the skills we want.

It is always the right time for a change.

How does coaching work?

Coaching is a creative process for both parties. A structured conversation takes place
in a confidential and mentally secure environment.

Data collection

Total damage has been caused by the civilians arounf the new apple  store at Wall street.

Guaranteed ROI

Total damage has been caused by the civilians arounf the new apple  store at Wall street.

Always Online

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He brings his thoughts, observations, dilemmas to the sitting.


Joint communication, trust, support and ideas. 


Focuses on the client's thinking and focuses the client on specific solutions.


Radka was a support for me during the coaching sessions thanks to her positive attitude. She made me look at situations from different angles. Thanks to that, I found new thoughts and ideas to fulfill my goals. It created an intimate atmosphere for deep self-awareness and at the same time was challenging. 

Radka is a nice and pleasant professional coach. She is extremely quick and demanding in setting precise and clear goals. It is fully present during the session, giving space to organize your own thoughts. It can perfectly capture key points even in the influx of various thought impulses. He can pleasantly praise and also surprise you with challenging questions that make you think more. It's a coach that will move you forward.


Blogs not only about brain

Read facts, insights and ideas from the world of neuroscience, management,
leadership and others. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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