"The world as we created it is a process of our thinking.
We can't change it without changing our thinking."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A. Einstein

Brain-Basedcoaching is based on neuroscience knowledge. It is intensively focused on solutions and leads to the desired results. The series of coaching sessions has a clearly defined structure with clearly and specifically defined goals. It helps not only personal development, but also open and effective communication.


Brain-Based coaching will help you to the changes you have chosen have been positive and lasting. During coaching interviews, you will realize not only what you are thinking about, but also how and what drives you in your thoughts and actions. The goal is to increase the quality of your thinking.

As a professional coach, I am a guide on the path to achieving your goals and at the same time I will help you draw attention to what is essential. I ask questions for you and your self-awareness, create a safe environment for the full use of mental capacity and provide positive feedback, while not advising or providing psychological / therapeutic assistance.


"On the way together with the client, I focus on solutions and effectively and humanely bring him to positive lasting change."


Who is Brain-Based Coaching for?

For professionals who want to work on personal development and at the same time are determined to achieve their goals.

Individual clients

Indulge yourself in the opportunity to think deeply, which will bring you precious ideas for your further development. This is a selection of only some topics that you can focus on. Every client (and I like to say that the brain is unique) and so I approach the client and his topics.

Are you experiencing a life change and you don't know how to grab it?

Are you looking for your life purpose?

Do you need solid soil underfoot in these unstable times?

Are you about to make a career change (at an older age)?

Would you like to know and develop your strenghts?

Do you wish a work life balance and personal satisfaction

Are you at the beginning of working life and don´t know what direction to take

...and many others dilemmas and challenges



Create a mental space for co-workers where they can discover the best possible solutions for themselves and for the company at the same time. Whether your challenges are for soft skills, economic results or adaptation to new conditions, transformational Brain-Based Coaching will be your reliable partner on the path to positive change.

Are there talentsin your firm and need to increase self-confidence?

Is there chaos in the teams, because managers can't plan and prioritize?

Would you like to know how to solve conflicts and set up an atmosphere of trust?

Contact me

Do you wish to develop leadership skills in your key players??

Is the company not going in the right direction due to the low ability of employees to adapt to new situations?

How can you manage your team remotely?


Thanks to neuroscience and Brain-Based coaching, you can learn to communicate in a professional sphere so that the different worlds of each individual can connect and work together effectively. Seminars and workshops are intended for groups that want to streamline their comprehensibility and at the same time speed up the communication process at various levels. At the same time, I cooperate with lecturers from the association Otvorená Hra, who are experts in playful education. Trainings and workshops are conducted so that individuals in teams can communicate openly, confidentially, honestly and with understanding. 


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